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Our Services

Our in-house team consists of highly qualified, experienced and professional individuals that help to provide a wide range to high quality and professional services to all of our clients. Our cores services are:

  • Engineering  Consultancy

  • Architectural

  • Structural

  • MEP Design

  • Interior Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Governmental Approvals


Engineering Consultancy

We provide a high-quality proposal to our valuable clients, our engineers are highly experienced and qualified to help you to decide what you want to build and help you get the most for your valuable investment.

Architectural Services

We provide our clients with a wide range of designs that match their taste and that are also in perfect balance with the environment and elegant to detail.


Structural services

Our highly skilled and experienced structural engineers evaluate the architectural plans and provide the required inputs to ensure that the structural plans not only meet with the architectural design, esthetics but also with theclients requirements, 

MEP Design

Our MEP design team takes care of planning the installation of the AC, Electrical, Plumping, requirements and other elements such as Firefighting, Cameras, etc.. The also ensure all installation complies with the government regulations and is properly integrated into the architectural design.  


Interior Design

Interior Design is an important matter in every project. Our Interior design team provide creative and modern 3D renders to meet the client's requirements. They also prepare the design plans and list the selection of the required materials, Furniture and layout in accordance with the MEP, plan. They are also involved with the costing and visit the site frequently to ensure everything is followed according to the approved plans. 

Landscape Design

We have a highly skilled team of landscape designers that are well experienced in soft and hard landscape design and execution services. We create scenic greenery landscapes that enhance the appearance and living comforts of the property while taking care of all other related elements and maintaining the municipality regulations. 


Governmental Approvals

From Project plan design approvals to obtaining the licenses and certificates from the Municipality, Civil Defence and all other legal and regulatory entities, our team is well experienced and has strong networking with various facilitators to ensure a smooth and quick response in obtaining the required approvals and certificates. 

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